School In Kind Donation Fundraising – Emergency Fundraising

The Department of Education has recently issued a statement that school boards across the country should plan their budgets at a 10% decrease for next year. The budget cuts nationwide will reduce classroom spending in the billions. This massive cut will cause a loss of jobs,Guest Posting overcrowding in the classrooms, and many school programs to be cut.

The DOE has called on people to look into in kind donation massive school fundraising ideas to make up for the budget cuts. Almost every school in the county hosts annual fundraising events including bake sales, donation cards, car washes and more, but will school fundraising events be enough to support our schools?

The struggling economy has forced many spenders to shop online where they can receive discount offers and free shipping. This new shopping trend has caused many schools to lose their charitable donations and hinder them even more. A new fundraising idea is now allowing these online shoppers to support their schools each time they shop online.

Online fundraising for schools has become increasingly popular in the past few years, because schools are now able to earn charitable donations each time their supporters shop online from major merchants like Macys, Wal-Mart, iTunes,, and more. Some schools have earned tens of thousands of dollars each year. Traditional school fundraisers come with a start up cost, whether selling a product, or advertising fundraising events. The new online fundraising model comes completely free with no startup costs or membership fees.

As the educational system looks to the future, it seems they will also have to change their fundraising events to bring in more charity donations. School fundraising is the new key to our school’s success. While car washes and bake sales are still successful, online fundraising has become the top fundraising for schools, which thousands have already proved true in the past few years.